A variety of formats have been used for the photography on this site
both film and digital.
The film cameras consist of a Linhof Mastertechnica 5x4, an Ebony 5x4,
a Horsman 6x12 and when travelling light a Hasselblad x pan
which is ideal for wide landscapes and takes up very little room.
Film used is mostly Fuji Velvia transparency in all formats, this is then
scaned on an imacon 858.
Very little manipulation is undertaken in photoshop just cleaning up and
some tonal adjusting of areas of the picture to achive balance and
convey the impression of the scene as we saw it.
On the digital front, we use a Leaf Aptus back on a Hasselblad H2 and
Canon EOS 1ds mkll and EOS 5d bodies with a selection of lenses from
16mm to 400mm